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The menu follows each season and changes every two months.

Starter, main course and dessert for 39 €

All dishes are home-made with fresh products delivered every day. Please excuse us in advance if we’ve ran out of the dish you wished to order.

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Restaurant Menu anglais


Parmesan shortbread, roasted and rawvégetable, betroot vinagrette, young lettuce shoots.

Roasted leek, soft boiled egg vinaigrette, capers, crouton, dryed duck breast.

Fried egg, truffles flavored ham and mimolette cheese, vegetables compote, bread sticks, chicken stock.

Slices of poultry and tarragon, creamed mushrooms, foie gras, pastry and hazelnut. (sup 3 €)

Creamy potato, gravlax salmon and rillettes, herring roe and shallot cream.


Main course

Roasted scallops, beetroot risotto, beetroot chips and confit, butter juice (sup 3 €)

Steemed cod, vegetables, fish soup, rouille sauceand crouton

Panfryed salmon, lentil, sausage of Morteau, chopped herbs and shallots, bacon juice

Braised veal breast, bacon compote, fired red onions of port, marrow bone and veal juice.

Poached and roasted poultry supreme, roasted pumpkin, chestnut cream and poultry juice

Stuffed cabbage with beef and foie gras, beef consommé and bone marrow toast. (sup 3 €)



Cream cheese 5,5 €
Cheese 7,5 €

Pan fryed mandarin, chocolate shortbread and chocolate sorbet, mascarpone mousse and orange

Chestnut fondant, puréof chestnut, meringue and jelly of blackcurrant, vanilla ice cream.

Bavarian green apple, cinnamon mousse, shortbread apple and sorbet.

Gingerbread, chocolat dulcey mousse, caramelized pear and pear-vanilla sorbet.

Mi-choco is chocolate-toffee mousse and toffee ice-cream.

Warm honey flavoured cakes (madeleines), cream cheese sorbet.

Dessert of the day