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The menu follows each season and changes every two months.

Starter, main course and dessert for 39 €

All dishes are home-made with fresh products delivered every day. Please excuse us in advance if we’ve ran out of the dish you wished to order.

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Restaurant Menu anglais


Marinated mackerel fillet marinated and grilled fennel declension, coriander, almond and lemon condiment.

White asparagus, deviled egg and herbs, gravelax salmon and cream of asparagus. (sup 3 €)

Shortbead parmesan cheese, artichoke bavarois, serrano ham and marinated artichokes.

Cucumber and dill soup, crab and whipped cream orange, dill.

Fried egg, pea soup, sweet onions, diced ham , baby lettuce and cheese.


Main course

Salmon Bomelot filet confit, beetroot mixture and citrus fruits sauce.

Poached ray wing, mashed poatatos, caper, lemon and butter juice.

Pan-fried sea bream filet, asparagus, garlic kormeskies mayonnaise and fishstock. (sup 3 €)

Roast suckling pig, cauliflower, parmesan and cooking juice.

Stuffed quai with chicken liver, bacon, green vegetables and cream sauce. (sup 3 €)

Roast lamb Saddle and shoulder, carrot and sweet potato, onions confit, spices juice.



Fresh cheese 5,5 €
Hard cheese 7,5 €

Rum baba and lime, passion fruit sorbet and white chocolate sauce.

Peanut and toffee cream, shortbread chocolate and peanut ice cream.

Apple terrine « Tatin », puff paste and apple sorbet.

Black chocolate hull, chocolate mousse, ice cream with tea and oilve oil.

Mi-choco is chocolate-toffee mousse and toffee ice-cream.

Warm honey flavoured cakes (madeleines), fresh cheese sorbet.

Dessert of the day.